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Derung, ein Beauty Advisor, ein Kontakt, ein Kosmetikerin, ein Beauty Consultant. Es keine Kontakt versteckt, und es ist der einzige Markus. The city of Frankfurt is only a couple of hours away, but I have no idea what to do there. I mean, what do you do there, exactly. I mean, its the capital, but I have no idea what that means. Im still deciding which location to travel to. Maybe Ill go to Frankfurt and then head out on foot. I guess Ill keep working on this until then. You think, before you remember that something else you need to do is your other assignment in three days. After spending ten more minutes fumbling in your pocket for your identification, you feel you really need to get where your assignment is going now. A loud noise is heard outside of your door. The door opens up wide to reveal a man with tanned skin, dark hair, and wearing a bright yellow and black hooded robe. Its a strange sight, but you arent one to mind. The man walks inside, and sits down in your chair. He says, looking you up and down. I have been briefed on your current assignment, and have been informed that youve taken on a couple of new, less honorable jobs. You have no authority here, and have no permission to be here. Youre not a loyal servant of the Imperium any longer.

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