Known for their incredible ambition, its inevitable that there would be …

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You can find a coherent response in both. A little while later, you receive a reply. Kylie your request is very important for my community and its future. How about I keep things simple and just make your sisters heart your gift. You are silent for a minute, trying to ponder over whether to accept Kylies proposal. Kylie looks a little tired, but also happy about the decision. You continue your journeyYou continue your journey, leaving a trail of heart-shaped hearts by your side. You reach a place where the road suddenly turns into a dirt road, which is slightly wide. The two-wheeled vehicle cant go very fast, but luckily the other two-wheeled vehicles arent too far away too. You stop and wait for a while, but it seems like no one is around. After a little while, you start feeling a little uneasy. You think something strange is going on somewhere. At first you think of Kylie, but then you think of something else. S about to turn towards some place a lot further away. T see why you have to go there. In the distance, you see a little girl standing there. S also wearing a simple dress and carries a basket on her back. When you saw her before, she was just standing outside with her sister who was sitting on a rock with a blanket covering her body. T say anything to each other, but they were definitely talking to their big brother. While riding one way, you start thinking about whether there are.

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