Kingsley died at his home in Weatherford, Texas, just one week after he announced …

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An opinionated man, Kane, had died at home in Weatherford, Texas, just days after he announced that he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May and that he planned to step away from his role on the television talk show. The death of the weekly media personality, Kingsley Kane, who died on Tuesday at the age of 60 was met with sympathy by many in the entertainment world, many of whom worked with the TV personality, said a statement released Wednesday by the The Associated Press. The statement continued: Other media personality in the entertainment world included David Letterman, Andy Rooney, and Drew Carey. In June, the National Cancer Institute reported that there were more than 300 new cases of a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma diagnosed in people over the age of 50. Kanes death followed the deaths of rockers Tom Petty and John Mayer and television personality and actress Robin Williams. When you take away the deaths of Tom Petty and John Mayer and Robin Williams, you take away most of the people I look up to and look to as role models, its a difficult time, said former President Barack Obama in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel before he and Michelle Obama revealed the birth of their first grandson, Joseph and took questions from ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live. Obama, whose first-born has a daughter from his previous marriage to former First Lady Michelle Obama, said that while he has not heard about the deaths of the three men, its still tough. And I know Im not the only one whos had to see our politics in a more contentious time than Ive ever seen it before, Obama said. The death of the media personality Kingsley Kane was first announced by his website. On the website that was registered to Kingsley Kane are three quotes:Kingsley Kane: The most important thing in life is love and not hate. The most important gift you can give to someone is your time. Kingsley Kane, the legendary Hollywood actor, television personality and writer born in the United States today died. On Aug, Kingsley Kane passed away at home in Texas after a long battle with cancer. Kingsley was 64 and leaves behind his wife and two children. Kingsley was one of my all time heroes, said David Letterman, who was one of his biggest admire.

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