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Reviews of King Beauty Supply Wanted to buy a wig for an upcoming vacationCreator of this poll has opted for captcha verification. Your vote: Westlake Place in ColumbusFrom MTG WikiThe Guildpact, also known as the Guilds, was a collection of ten or so independent islands in the Nalin Sea that maintained a treaty that they would not attack, ally with, or conquer each other. 12Ravnica edit edit source All the other Guildpact islands, Nalin, Hordebreede and Vige, and the small island of Erg, had made alliances with each other, which included many of the smaller islands around the main continents When the major continents of Ravnica were attacked, they were all conquered as well, except for Nalin, which was left untouched. 2For five hundred years the guild had kept its borders stable and its power in check, but then in the year 20 AR, the Selesnya Empire invaded Nalin. It was during this time that the former Guild Master, Selesnya, had to be slain, not by the guilds members, but by a combined force of the Guilds. She was killed not by a normal assassin, but by a spellcaster known as the Master – who was known as the most powerful wizard in all of Ravnica. Nalin was left a vassal-state of the Empire, to remain loyal or face extinction at the hands of the Empire, and its agents maintained the guilds borders. 2Since then, the Guildpact has been respected and forgotten. No one even remembers the name of the last Guildmaster. 3Hordebreede edit edit source Hordebreede is another island country that maintains a treaty with the Guildpact, though it is a very weak one. Most of the island is controlled by an individual known as the King and his Royal Court, but a few isolated islands retain their independence. Hordebreede is the most isolated and least developed of all islands. Its economy is based around agriculture and herding, but there is also a small fishing industry and a small market on the island of Sisay. The island is peaceful, but the lack of population and harsh environment make it a target for marauders, pirates, and more importantly, the Selesnya Empire.

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