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You are now in the heart of the Columbia Valley, an area of lush evergreen forest in eastern North Carolina where the Columbia River flows through valleys of rolling hills and rocky slopes. You see only a short distance ahead the river, a wide rapids of foam and green-tinted water that joins the Atlantic Ocean to the east. A second, smaller rapids runs through hills to the south, down which the Nantahala River flows, and a third, smaller one joins that with the Chattahoochee River to the west. This is where the Columbia Valley meets the Mountains of Georgia, the dividing line between the Blue Ridge range to the north and the Appalachian Mountains to the south. From your position, you can see the peaks of the mountains beyond the trees on the other side of the river. A valley of deep, dark woods is to the far side, a place where trees are rare. You and the other soldier approach a steep, tree-lined bank, where a road forks into two branches. You can see the trail to the right, which points away from the river. The trail to the left, which points toward the city of Columbia, will take you close to the river. There are no other signs of life, and you can be sure of finding the river on this side. You are approaching the junction of the two trails when you notice a man lying on the ground, face down and close to that of the trail. You are still about a quarter of a mile away when you hear a thud in the bushes behind you. You move slowly closer, but the man has already been placed in the foreground. There is something grotesque about the way it has been done. This was a man you were supposed to kill, and yet you find that you are unable to find the anger in your mind to do so. If there were no other evidence, this killing would be the most horrific thing you have ever encountered on this mission. You head back to the woodsYou turn your horse around. There is no time to hunt for an alternative route. You are going to have to make your way through the woods again, and the trail you had seen earlier will not take you that far. You are about half way across the open space when the sun goes lower in the sky and the sun sets in the distance. In your hasty effort to get back to the woods, you forget to turn back. As you come through the woods you notice that the sun is setting behind a tall, dark mountain range.

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