Kim Zolciak & Kroy Biermann Make HUGE Cut To Home Sale Price Amid Money & Divorce Woes!

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are so desperate to sell their Georgia mansion and get out of major financial and foreclosure woes amid their divorce that they have slashed the price on it… by nearly ten percent!

According to a new TMZ report published on Tuesday afternoon, the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum and the former Atlanta Falcons star have cut the for-sale price of their mansion down from asking $6 million on it to now just (!) asking $5.5 million. Damn!! Obviously, that’s still a TON of money. Unimaginable for us normal folk! But taking $500,000 off the asking price for their massive crib in the Atlanta suburb of Milton is a serious move.

As TMZ notes, houses in their immediate area — even similar-sized homes on their very same street — are still going for way less than their new asking price. So, it may be that the couple has to drop their request even a bit further down. With all the debt drama they’ve been enduring, we figure they really don’t want to drop the price too much. But then again, they need the cash to get out from under some of those problems, so… yeah.

They bought the house for $880,000 way back in 2012. So, in a decade-plus worth of time, its value has risen substantially — no matter what they end up getting for it when all is said and done. Still, with the market the way that it is right now, and interest rates the way that they are, this isn’t going to be a quick-and-easy thing. They may not get offers at $5.5 million, either. If only they had sold a year or two before all this…

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