Kim Kardashian to Address “Attacks” From Kanye In New Reality Show

Reality stars of the 2020s are faced with a difficult conundrum:

The most popular among them have tens of millions of social media followers, many of whom keep track of their every move.

It takes a long time to produce a season of reality television, which means the fans already know pretty much everything that’s gonna happen to their favorite stars long before the new episodes make it to air.

And so, the Kim Kardashians of the world are left with two options:

1. Stop posting on social media (yeah, right), or 

2. Live such a bonkers life that fans will tune into your show even though they’ve been reading about these storylines in the tabloids for the past six months.

Needless to say, Kim has decided to go the latter route.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, there’s been quite a bit of drama in Kim’s life in recent months.

The mother of four is dating Pete Davidson, and for reasons even he probably doesn’t understand, the relationship doesn’t sit well with Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West.

Yes, Kanye has been stalking Kim, harassing Pete, and generally making life a living hell for the Kard clan.

Obviously, it’s a very bad situation, but the silver lining is that it should make for some pretty compelling TV!

The Kardashians new reality show — titled simply, The Kardashians — premieres on Hulu next month, and it looks like producers intend to “go there” with regard to the family’s darkest struggles even more than they did during the family’s years on the E! network.

Pete will not be making any appearances in the show’s first season, but the Kanye drama will be heavily featured.

The most recent trailer for The Kardashians shows Kim explaining that her split from Ye has “been hard.”

You know you’re famous when you can downplay the drama in your life, and people will still tune into your reality show!

We don’t know how much screen time will be devoted to the increasingly messy Kimye split, but you can bet that the scenes in question will prompt some intense social media tirades from Mr. West!

And it looks like the rest of the family will be joining Kim in airing their most private moments.

We’ll see Travis Barker propose to Kourtney, a moment that Kris Jenner claims came as a total surprise to her eldest daughter.

(We have our doubts about that, but hey — a little embellishment is to be expected with a project like this.)

We’ll also see Khloe Kardashian cope with the latest drama surrounding her on-again, off-again relationship with Tristan Thompson.

It’s unclear if Tristan’s latest infidelity — which resulted in the NBA star impregnating Maralee Nichols — will be featured on The Kardashians, but whatever the case, poor Khloe looks pretty upset in the trailers for the show!

The Kardashians have been doing the reality TV thing for a very long time, and based on the declining ratings for Keeping Up, viewers grew a little weary of their routine.

But a new platform and a whole slew of new drama could be just Kim and company need to bring them back to the top of the reality heap!

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