Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's Relationship Is "Just Perfect" at the Moment

Kanye West and Julia Fox may be dominating the Kardashian romance news cycle at the moment, but Kim Kardashian sources would like the world to know that she and Pete Davidson are still going very strong. Actually, “very strong” might even be an understatement.

The “relationship is just perfect” for Kim, according to a People source, who added that the couple’s vibe is “fun and refreshing” and all-around great. And, even though the source didn’t directly speak to Pete’s feelings about the relationship, he’s making it clear where he stands in an actions-speak-louder-than-anonymous-souces’-words kind of way.

Take the couple’s recent trip to the Bahamas, for example, which was reportedly Pete’s idea and a big hit with Kim (the People source said she had the “best time” during the romantic vacay). Like any potential KarJenner suitor, Pete is also being put to the fam test, which he is apparently passing with flying colors (the People source says he’s “very easygoing and fits in well with Kim’s friends and family”).

The source really drove home two factors that have Pete killing it in the relationship though: He’s putting in the work and making it clear the relationship (and Kim) is a priority for him while also being supportive and understanding about the fact that her kids come first. This balancing act got not one but two shoutouts from the Kim source.

“[Kim] thinks Pete has many great qualities. He makes her laugh. He treats her really well,” the source explained when talking generally about what makes the pairing work. “He is very understanding that Kim’s first priority is her kids. Kim’s impressed that Pete is really making an effort to see her.”

Then, when talking about Kim and Pete’s plans for the near-future, the source basically repeated the sentiment.

“He’s planning to spend a few more days in Los Angeles while he can with Kim before going back to New York,” the source added. “They’re still really into each other. Pete is totally understanding that Kim’s priority remains her kids. They see each other and make plans when they can in between both their busy schedules.”

Does this mean a family trip with Pete and the kids is in the cards? Because we’d like to formally request IG documentation if it does.

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