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The child beauty pageant is not just about a beauty contestant performing their best in. It is about a beauty contestant receiving a taste of beauty after their training and testing in. This day is about a beauty contestant to win the privilege of seeing beauty again. A beauty contestant wins if they can show that their beauty is the best. No beauty contestant wins if their beauty is shoddy. THE ENDYou shake your head and start to get up, only to be stopped as you realize what youre doing. The mans words seem to sink in and you sit back down and try to compose yourself as the man begins to lead you out. You know the man, hes a detective from one of the crime magazines you subscribe to. He knows your face, though he seems to have forgotten your name. He doesnt seem to care and you cant say the same. Names Shaun, by the way, the detective says as he leads you to exit out the diner and onto the sidewalk. Im sure we can call you Dave, you reply as you call him Dave, not remembering your own given name. When you get to the destination, you try to remember the name of the building you were heading out of and when you get there, the detective nods to you and points to the address. Go to the building, they have names and numbers on the doors. You nod and follow the detective as he leads you toward the building with a name on the door and a number on the door. You enter the buildingYou enter the building along with the detective. You see a set of stairs leading up that go directly to a basement. The detective opens a door and leads you into the basement.

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