Khloé Kardashian Is 'Mortified' By When & Where Tristan Thompson Hooked Up With Baby Momma!

Khloé Kardashian is continuing to deal with the fallout from Tristan Thompson‘s paternity suit scandal involving personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

The 37-year-old reality TV star is apparently “mortified” now, having learned that Tristan allegedly snuck Nichols into his Los Angeles home behind her back. That shocking revelation was first reported in court documents involving the fitness guru and the NBA star, in which Thompson confessed to bringing the new mother into his home “on maybe two occasions.”

Now, a source is speaking to The Sun about Khloé’s reaction to the shocking details surrounding Tristan inviting Maralee home to his Los Angeles crib. As it stands, the Revenge Body host is said to be very unsettled because she understandably felt so comfortable and safe in Tristan’s place while they were together — only for it to turn out that he was allegedly going behind her back simultaneously.

The insider explained:

“To call Khloé upset would be an understatement. Khloé suspected Tristan stepped out on her during COVID, but did not know that he invited other women to his home until the legal documents were released. She sees his place as an extension of hers, and is mortified now that she knows the mother of his new baby spent time there.”


Those are very strong words. And it must seriously be so uncomfortable to think about having another woman around like that in your partner’s place when you’re under the impression it’s just you and him… especially if you’re hoping to limit contact amid a pandemic! We already know KoKo has contracted COVID-19 twice now!!

It’s doubly bad for Khloé, who is also struggling with the fact that the timing of this situation came up right around the holiday season in 2020. As you’ll recall, Tristan initially claimed that he and Nichols had only met up in Houston in March for his birthday party. However, the personal trainer’s lawyers have since asserted that their affair began “five months” earlier, with multiple visits to Los Angeles.

Now, this Kardashian is grappling with the difficulty of having all this go down ahead of Christmas again:

“He’s basically admitted that he was dealing with this other girl around Christmas, a time she feels is sacred to their relationship. The truth is that she feels that she can’t take him back publicly even if she wanted to, because she fears there’ll just be another woman with another story and her family have basically forbidden it.”

Honestly, at this point, that’s probably good advice coming from the KarJenner family.

Just saying!

What do U make of Khloé and Tristan’s situation, Perezcious readers? Khloé is in a tough spot with this one, for sure.

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