Kenzie Ziegler Returns With New Song 100 Degrees & the Music Video Watch Now!

Kenzie Ziegler is back with new music!!

The 18-year-old singer just released her brand new song “100 Degrees,” her first in over a year.

This is also her debut single on her new record label, Hollywood Records, and the track was created with an all female team!

Find out more and watch the video inside…

Kenzie penned the song with Mariana Stratan, Elizabeth Murphy and Lenii, who also produced the track, which follows the end of a relationship and how fragile love can be, similar to the ever-changing weather.

“‘100 degrees’ dives deep into exploring how love can really change in the blink of an eye and as quickly as the weather, the seasons, and people,” she said in a statement. “Most of my favorite songs come from working with other women; I always feel so free to say whatever I want. I love this one because it’s a breakup song but it’s so upbeat, something you want to dance to with all your friends.”

The music video was directed by Boni Mata, with Nick Vernet as creative director. The visual tells a story about grappling with the polarizing emotions toward a relationship as it comes to an end.
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