Kelly Dodd: Sorry I Lied About Getting COVID from Heather Dubrows Son! Dont Sue!

“New Year, new me,” has never really applied to someone like disgraced former Real Housewife Kelly Dodd.

Given her atrocious behavior throughout 2020, it’s no surprise that she attended a massive New Year’s Eve party.

It’s similarly no surprise that the party where Kelly contracted COVID-19 was a superspreader event.

But when Kelly said that Heather Dubrow’s son was responsible, the Dubrows threatened to sue.

On Tuesday, July 6, Kelly Dodd took to her Instagram Stories.

She held up documents with a legal header, which she shared came from the Dubrow family.

In what some fans have described as an almost unbelievably sarcastic tone, Kelly issued an apology on behalf of herself and her husband.

“So I got this letter from an attorney for the Dubrow family,” Kelly said in the video.

It was a letter “reminding me I made a statement that made it sound like truth when in fact it was a joke.”

Kelly then claimed: “and for that, I am offering my sincere apology.”

Kelly went on to explain that she did catch COVID-19 at a New Year’s Eve party.

She was apparently one of two dozen people to contract the contagious, deadly virus at the event.

It was very consistent of Kelly to attend a large gathering in the midst of a pandemic.

Heather Dubrow’s son and some of his friends were, disappointingly, at the event.

However, Kelly said that she, Rick, and others had no real way of knowing who brought the virus to the party.

The only thing that they know for sure is that numerous participants ended up taking home a viral party favor without knowing it.

“While I had information leading us all to believe we could have gotten COVID from them,” Kelly was sure to claim.

She added: “We all, like 24 of us, got COVID that night.”

Kelly acknowledged that they “obviously have no way of proving or knowing for sure he or his friends were the source of our infection.”

“And for that, I apologize,” Kelly alleged in the video.

“I’m going on the record right now to be very clear,” she emphasized.

Kelly affirmed: “Rick and I don’t know how we caught the virus.”

“And we’re both very, very sorry for any trouble we caused the Dubrow family,” Kelly claimed.

Addressing the Dubrows, she added: “We hope you accept our sincere apology.”

Well, Kelly certainly said a lot of words that might appear sincere when written on paper.

It is of course disappointing that, frankly, anyone was attending large gatherings of any kind for New Year’s Eve.

It’s risky now, despite vaccination levels and the sheer number of vulnerable Americans who have already died.

But half a year ago, a massive gathering of two dozen or more people would have been even riskier.

Kelly Dodd Wants to "Clarify" Her Comments

Kelly’s behavior over the past 15 months has made even her former fans question whether she really cares about people.

She certainly does not seem to, given the way that she has chosen to act during the horrors of this pandemic.

Kelly would love for everyone to believe that one mistake — or some sort of political persecution — got her fired. Kelly should do some soul-searching.

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