Kelly Clarkson's Instagram About 'Encanto' Is Sparking Some Strong Reactions From Parents

Fresh off her win on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson is enjoying some downtime with her 7-year-old daughter, River, and 5-year-old son, Remington. So, what has the American Idol alum been up to with them? Well, it turns out that her kids like seeing their favorite movies on repeat. But luckily, Kelly is a fan of their latest choice.

On January 12, the 39-year-old mother of two shared a rare peek into her home life on Instagram. With the lights turned off, Kelly snapped a quick picture of the 2021 Disney animated film Encanto playing on her TV and revealed that it wasn’t her first time hitting “play.”

“Our third night in a row to watch Encanto ha!” she captioned it. “My kids are obsessed and I don’t mind, it’s so good.”

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Set in Colombia, the musical fantasy flick tells the story of the Madrigal family and their special powers while living in the wondrous town of Encanto. But there is one exception — Mirabel. Despite being treated differently, she doesn’t hesitate to jump into action when Encanto’s magic is endangered and her family’s powers are threatened.

Apart from having an A-list Latinx cast for the voiceovers, Encanto has a stellar soundtrack and there is one song in particular, a.k.a. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” many folks can’t get stop singing to themselves.

“We DON’T talk about BRUNO,” one person enthusiastically wrote in response to Kelly’s post. “We don’t talk about Bruno is one of the best Disney songs ever,” another added. “’We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ lives in my head 😃,” a follower commented.

What’s more, other parents also shared that their kids have been watching Encanto constantly. “Love it!! We’ve watched it a ton too! Can’t get that Bruno song out of our heads…and we’re not mad about it! 😂,” a person said. “Yesssss mine has seen it 10 times!!! But I agree it is good!!” another commented. “We (the parents) watched it today while the kids were at school. 😂,” someone else added.

In the past, Kelly has opened up about prioritizing a work-life balance for the sake of her family and finding ways to spend quality time with them. “It’s challenging when you’re a working parent,” she told Hoda Kotb during a Today show interview in 2017. “I don’t want to be one of those pop star moms that doesn’t see their [kids] … I want to hang out with them and be there.”

Today, she’s doing just that and learning catchy songs along the way!

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