Keanu Reeves, Ronald Reagan, Sylvester Stallone, Halle Berry, Bono, Eric Clapton…

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Have you ever wondered which famous people have tinnitus. You have never wondered which celebrities have tinnitus. You have always liked to wonder when you can actually see them and not just hear their music. You cant even imagine if theyre musicians at all. You have never seen Keanu Rolde since he became famous or even heard his music. But you dont think you can ever see him since you doubt if hes still alive. You have heard Ron Reagan and Joan Baez are musicians. Baez was famous enough that she was on some of those talk shows and they could have a conversation with her. You dont know any famous musicians besides The Kinks or The Sex Pistols that actually are musicians. However you know of two famous singers that are musicians, but are not musicians. They are Bob Dylan and Bono and you just havent seen either of their concert performances. You havent seen Joan Baezs concerts either, but perhaps you will. You havent seen any other famous musicians that arent music professionals. You havent seen any famous musicians that arent musicians. You have seen none of the famous musicians you have been told about. You are wondering if there are any other famous musicians that havent been mentioned or if it would be better to be without any celebrities. You know there are a few celebrities from TV shows and movies, and theres a good chance that youll see Bob Dylan or maybe even Bono after all. You think that if you havent seen them yet, then itd be better that you dont. You have been told that you were going to see Elvis and you are not going to see the man who was once your hero. You could always go see some of the actors on TV or movies. You didnt even realize that they had been famous before you saw them. You dont need to go see anyone else famous, and you dont need to see them either. Youll go to a concert, youll go see a video tape or you could go see a movie on a video store lot because they are always selling them on consignment. You could even go see your Aunt Becky and her band because you always liked music in general and you were told it was a band she played. You could go sit in the front row and not pay any attention at all to any musicians. You do wonder if you would actually get to see them since you have heard that Bono is a great singer and you think you might see his vocals if he was coming to speak at your university.

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