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A week goes by and Im pretty sure I need to visit a doctor, because my eye is starting to hurt a lot. My skin is becoming a little more irritated. Im not a baby, I went to a doctor because I was really worried that my skin was starting to get rough. I know Im in a lot of pain, so I want to go back to the doctor in a few days so they can work out the right thing to do. If it is, I dont want to see any more doctors, because I can tell what will happen then. It would just mean more pain and maybe it wouldnt even be so bad. I know this because Ive had to visit doctors before for my eyes to be fixed, and those were the worst experiences of my life. In fact, the only reason why I was so relieved that the doctor I was seeing for my eyes was only slightly competent at best is because I would have been on my death bed. In the meantime, I still dont want to see anyone else. Even the doc who visited me last time gave me a look of pity. Do I just accept that I have something wrong with my eyes and get over it. Or do I do this thing where Im going to actually talk to people. I guess Ive never even bothered to do it before, you see Im not one for talking. Im more of a I wanna do this right NOW kind of girl. I was just going to say that Im a talker rather than a neurotic. I want to give myself to you, but Im terrified. Im scared because of the potential pain of the treatment, the potential danger of you rejecting me by saying Your eyes are perfect, the potential of being unable to see at all, which is going to probably happen even if I say I want this to happen and Im also scared because you know Im terrified. I know, Im going to go into a lot of details about all of this, but I dont want to make you uncomfortable, so Im going to have to cut back a bit. Okay Im on my way, can I get a cup of tea. You go into your bathroom and grab yourself a nice blue tea.

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