Katy Perry's Reaction to Her Ex John Mayer Being Brought Up on 'American Idol' Is Truly Hilarious

Katy Perry was minding her own business and doing her thing on American Idol last night, when her ex John Mayer just happened to be brought up. And her reaction? To quite literally fall out of her chair. Basically, contestant Noah Thompson clearly had no idea Katy and John had history, and thought she’d chosen John’s son “Heartbreak Warfare” for him to sing. In response, Katy said “I feel like maybe you should Wikipedia me…. I can’t talk anymore. I’m triggered!”

She then slid out of her chair while everyone laughed, and said “Who is going to pay for my extra hour of therapy?” (Note: She also called John a “great artist” with a “great song,” so no hard feelings!)

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