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You didnt actually win, but theres no way youre losing this round either. Youre not some stripper pole dancing in a bikini to some sizzling music. Youre a professional actress, and you should be appreciating your status, not getting a little self-conscious about it. You,Hey, its not like were talking about strippers here. Its not like you dont know what bra size is supposed to be, or anything. Youre just a young woman trying to enjoy your social life, and youre making a big deal about something thats not even important. Just because there are more men than women in this industry, that doesnt mean theyre all going to be treating us like shit, and Im talking about you. Sigh, fuck sigh, Im just saying that you should just be yourself, okay. I mean, I know youre just making a big deal out of nothing, and you know it. I just want to be happy, and I mean that right now. You dont even have any boyfriend material here. I mean, come on, youre not some exotic blonde with big fake tits. Youre a well-rounded grown woman who just happens to be a celebrity. And what am I supposed to do with myself on my days off. You cant make me settle, Katie. You,Come on, no matter what you do, youll never live up to my expectations. Youre just not even good enough for me. Youre not going to make me happy. So shut the, sigh, bitch up and just go ahead and live your life, alright.

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