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You feel like you need to make this movie about that. You decide that the film should at least be for young women who can relate to the material. T getting anything out of the adult film industry. You go back and forth on whether to start doing this or doing your school work, but you finally decide to at least try your hand at film making. For the next few weeks, you go over a script with several of the other members of the group. They mostly seem to like some of it, but you feel that you need to add more to the script. T as much into some of them as you thought you would be. Re approached by the leader of the group, a blonde girl with long blond hair that is so long, you wonder if she does not have a ponytail. Ve been pretty successful in your life. You take her up on her offer, and she gives you more help in the process, but still you are struggling with the script. You think back to when you were still feeling down about everything and you had to come up with something to make yourself feel better. The two feelings seem to go hand in hand. You think that if only you had been able to do one of those things as a child, things might have been different in your life. Re wasting your time, you could probably learn more and get more out of the film industry by just studying something else. You could become an engineer for one thing. S something you know how to do that you could use right now. T like the idea of being in front of a camera. It occurs to you that if you were acting, no one would even know.

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