Kardashian-Jenner Family Christmas Party a Scaled Back, High Fashion Event

Who says you never get dressed up for your family?

The Kardashians had a scaled-back holiday this year — with Omicron and such — but it didn’t stop them from dressing to the 9’s in an impressive show of glitter.

As we reported, Kris Jenner scaled back her XMAS Eve party, and now we have the pics to show it was both elaborate and intimate.

Christmas trappings are everywhere, and the photos show that as life goes on, people blend families in all sorts of ways.

There are photos, of course, of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall. But, then there are pics of Travis with his kids and Kourtney with one of her kids (the boys were nowhere to be seen, at least in the pics).

Kim’s still deep into Balenciaga. As you know, Kanye inspired it and she connected with it.  BTW, Ye wasn’t at the party.

There was even a Santa present … Kourtney nuzzled up to Mr. Claus.

Looks like a fun night. Who needs a crowd?

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