Kanye West Claims North Had To Throw Tantrum & Rip Up Couches To Join Him For Antisemitic Concert

Kanye West is at it once again…

The 46-year-old rapper hosted another listening party for his upcoming album Vultures. This time, the very controversial event was in Las Vegas on Thursday night into Friday morning. What happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas, though. Because a video obtained and published by TMZ showed Kanye continuing his antisemitic behavior… in front of his 10-year-old daughter, North West. WTF?! Yeah, she was there… He said in the clip:

“It’s 60 million of us in America, 60 million Jews in the world. 50 per cent of our deaths is abortion, 25 per cent of us go to prison… raise your hand if you ever got an abortion. If we were in a Jewish… every mother would raise their hands. Who’s going to make the hospitals, though? He’s a Zionist, Trump. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you. Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye, third party, sponsor that! They can’t f**king touch me because God cover me.”

WTF?! Kanye then screamed at the audience to “shut the f**k up,” adding:

“I dont give a f**k about life or death, I get visitation with my kids. F**k Balenciaga.”

And it doesn’t end there. Ye then claimed North threw a massive tantrum and “ripped up the motherf**kng couches in the house” to join her father at the concert… The same show where he is spewing these antisemitic remarks. Not only that, he also rapped several problematic lyrics at the same event while she stood right next to him, per TMZ:

“I still keep some Jews with me. Management? Nah. I only let ’em do my jewelry.”

Clearly no matter how much people call out Kanye for his antisemitism, he refuses to listen and stop. Now he’s taking it a step further and publicly doing this in the presence of his own kid. Disgusting. But we guess no one should be surprised at this point. Even at his listening party in Miami earlier this week, Kanye pulled some offensive onstage stunts — while North, Chicago, and Saint were in attendance. He first came under fire for wearing a black KKK style hood. Then Kanye performed a track featuring the vile lyrics:

“How am I antisemitic? I just f**ked a Jewish b****.”

Ugh. And unfortunately, we don’t see his latest string of problematic behavior pausing anytime soon. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

To learn more about antisemitism and how you can help fight it, check out https://www.adl.org/

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