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Png, virgin virgin, virgin, You kill them allThere is no turning back, you have to take what you have earned. With the sun rising above you and the red moon above your army. You march forward with the monsters in your wake. You can feel your soldiers growing restless and restless warriors would be the worst to have around so the first to leave are the ones you want to get rid of. You know by now that you have to get all of your troops into one place. The first room you enter is pretty much like every other room. A throne, an array of weapons, a throne, a throne again, a throne. You walk down the throne room and enter a room with a fireplace and a desk piled full of papers. There is a book on top of the desk, but most of the papers are blank. You could stare at the books in the pile all day, but you cant afford to do that. You use your blood to burn the papersYou raise your hand and the papers on top of the desk combust, sending the papers flying everywhere. Dust and ash pour out of the papers as the desk melts. You chuckle to yourself, you were right. You must have burned the papers too much. The papers are all fine and burning, it is the fire which is doing damage and now you dont have the papers at all, but at least you have everything else. You walk out of the room, leaving your soldiers behind, you head back to the room you came from and look around. You see another throne room, this one has a fireplace and a desk and desk is piled with papers as well. You enter, and immediately notice the men and women you have left behind are missing. The women, they look like they have escaped into the forest, but the men you see are dead and most of the men are not looking particularly well. The men are all hunched over with their trousers around their knees and blood dripping down from them. The women appear healthy and well, you find it hard to believe the men have been alive so long and all dead from their wounds. Even the horses look dead, they are no sooner trotted up the steps from which you stood and are dead. You have left a lot of your men behind and most of them are dead, you can only guess they are dead now. You quickly scan the area, you notice the monsters have been making their stand at the entrance. They seem to care little for this castle and will not take it lightly. You look behind you, at where the monsters could easily come from but you.

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