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You will not be able to escape when the curse grows lengthens, Belle will be alive in the present as you are alive in the future. As the time passes, Belle starts to grow more confident that Adams heart is in the right place, and Adam himself starts to become more comfortable about Belles growing feelings for him. One day, the three of you are in Adams room. Adam says he thinks Belle is the best thing thats happened to him in years. Then its a race between Belle, Belle, Belle. Adam is having a good time, but his eyes dont leave Belle. Belle, Belle, Belle, he says, Id give everything in the world for you. You tell Adam that youve already told him what he needs to know, and tell him a little more. Come on over to Mommys desk and get us a few sheets of paper. You go into the bathroom to get a little privacy, then come back and continue the conversationYou grab the last page of the letter and go into the bathroom. You put a towel around you and leave. You sit on your bed and think hard about how you want to spend the rest of your life. Adam is leaning against the dresser, his eyes fixed on Belle and not paying attention to anything else. You want to tell him something, anything at all. You tell him something you havent told anyone. You put your arm around Belle and whisper in her ear:Weve both heard all thats happened between us, Adam, you know. Youve come so far, and weve both been through harder things, but I think were ready to give this a chance. Ive only been single for a year, and Ive made up with my ex-boyfriend. Maybe we can do that with Prince Adam too. He returns your hug and kisses you. You and Belle are both still in the throes of surprise and.

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