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The Sierra Canyon School has a very positive students viewpoint. Sierra Canyon Schools Student-designed Community Garden is. You can move the schools community garden to a location elseYoure not about to just move a community garden for no good reason, so you decide to look for another location. The plaza used to be full of people during the day. It still has a lot of people in the morning as students get in line to register and get to class. Youve been here a few times and it doesnt seem to be emptier since students seem to be here to celebrate the spring and their new community garden is located in the center of the plaza instead of its other locations on the sides. You walk along the edge of the plaza and look to see if you can see her. You move your eyes around and see a lot of students looking over their papers. Maybe shes working on something in her class. You keep moving around and start to see a smaller group of students. You see Sierra working on a small project. Your knees almost knock you backwards as you run your fingers nervously on her shoulder and head. You slowly walk closer and ask her where she has been since class ended. She doesnt answer right away, she only nods her head at you. You wait a few more seconds and then you finally get an answer. You wait for Sierra to speakYou wait a few more seconds and then you finally get an answer. I-Its about your sister, Rachael, s-shes- shes- you start to say but Sierra stops you before you can complete your sentence. Sierra then leans in closer and whispers Tell me again what I have to do. You think about what you can tell her. You explain her story about her moving in with you and how you had a fight. You explain about your sisters plans to break the habit and how she had to get away from you. You briefly mention about how you dont know where she is now, and you ask her your opinion if she should tell you about her location or not. No, dont tell them anything Sierra whispers back. Then what would you like to tell me. You say as you lean back in your seat and start to feel your neck. You look around and spot the cafeteria area on the far side of the plaza, you then start to walk towards it.

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