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Youtubers make up videos to make you look better and to get older. Here We Have 15 Beauty Youtubers Here. I think this will be really helpful and I hope you guys like it. Thanks for visiting my site and thanks again for taking the time to read these tutorials. Back to homepage Previous PageNext PageImage caption The group of six men were captured by a German patrolSix German soldiers who were captured during a prisoner of war, POW, exchange at the end of World War One have been found dead in a forest north of Vienna. Preliminary investigations suggest the men were poisoned by a toxic substance. The group of six were captured by a Polish soldier on 21 March near the village of Breslau, near the city of Vienna. Their bodies were discovered on Saturday by hikers in the Viena mountains. They were members of a German infantry brigade that escaped the destruction of Vienna in April 1918 and joined a Polish group in the nearby village of Breslau. One of the POWS captured by the Polish regiment was captured by a German patrol while the others went down into the forest. Analysis The bodies have been taken to the laboratory in Breslau where forensic experts have been examining them. One of those being examined was a 25-year-old former doctor serving in a Polish infantry regiment. His comrade had been shot in the back of the head and was found dead. His two fellow prisoners were found dead with no apparent cause of death but they, too, had no injuries consistent with those inflicted by bullets. They were then moved by a train to the village of Breslau where they were put up for exchange and taken to a camp near the Austrian capital. A short time later the German soldiers were found dead in the forest. Dr Martin Rastenberg, the assistant director of the laboratory which did the examinations, told Austrian news agency APA it was the biggest loss of life in that laboratorys history. The question is not only did they die from their own poison but also that they had been poisoned by something else – it is just too big a crime, he added. A second Polish man who was found dead and another man were missing on Thursday after being part of the.

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