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Youll do anything, just get that juice. You dont know why youre so willing to do anything. You dont even know why youre here. The attendant looks at you and smiles knowingly, then speaks:Yes, we can help you there, mortal. All we need to offer is your blood for analysis. We can tell you everything, you can have everything. Theres no limit to what we can do. All I need to know is, Ive been dreaming about this. Ive been wanting to do something, anything. If youre willing to give us a sample, we will analyze it, and we can give you whatever you want. I mean, I know youre not going to lie to me. We cant promise that were going to give you something youre not already entitled to, can we. This line of conversation doesnt make you feel very confident. Look, can we stop this right now. The woman doesnt respond right away, but replies instead, I think not. You slowly look around, and then start rubbing your eyes with your palms. What the hell am I willing to give up for juice. After all this, the woman comes back and looks at your hand, then takes the small, black bottle from you. She says, Im not going to lie to you to get you what you want. But even with all thats happened, were still going to make it up to you. She pours some juice into a small, opaque container, then brings it up to her mouth and sucks. She looks up at you, smiles, and then takes the cup away, never opening it. She looks at you, smiles once, then looks away. Youre not the one here to do anything for me. You dont know me, so you cant do anything for me. Youre not here for the juice, youre not here for the money, youre not here for the juice. Youre here for you, and you deserve whatever you get.

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