Judi Love blasts Piers Morgan after his criticism of tennis star Naomi Osaka

Judi Love has hit out at critics of tennis star Naomi Osaka, including Piers Morgan, and insisted that we need to show kindness and compassion for everyone's mental health battles.

Writing in her weekly OK! column, the Loose Women star insists that it's so important to take people's battles seriously, especially as black women are at the highest risk of being sectioned. Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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A Tennis Fault

Last week, 23-year-old tennis player Naomi Osaka came under fire for pulling out of a press conference before the French Open to protect her mental health. Later, she made the decision to quit the tournament altogether and said she is taking a break from the sport.

I was so shocked that people – including Piers Morgan – criticised her decision and stated it is her job. Naomi said she’d been dealing with depression since 2018 and was struggling. Shouldn’t we show sympathy and compassion for someone being honest about their mental health?

It also concerns me that when women of colour speak out about their mental health, it’s often met with ridicule or an attempt to reject their claims – particularly as in the UK, black women are at the highest risk of being sectioned.

My simple advice to all is to protect your mental health, no matter what your job.

Embrace your unique self!

This month is Pride Month and I’m looking forward to celebrating with my LGBTQ friends. In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Lady Phyll , the CEO of UK Black Pride, and I was so inspired.

The progress that’s already been made in fighting for equality is something that should be celebrated.

Being your unique self is the most freeing thing in this life. It’s not about anyone acceptingyou, but you accepting your beautiful self – no matter what that is.

My Quality Birthday

Last week was my birthday but I didn’t have a huge celebration. So much has happened over the past 18 months and if I’ve learnt anything, it’s that quality over quantity is key.

Saying that, as we had such beautiful weather last week, I was content just to feel the sun on my skin and spend time with my closest and dearest.

As my children get older, they make so much effort to spoil me, and it makes the day even more special. I’m still telling people I’m turning 40 this year, as I feel as though my lockdown birthday last year shouldn’t count!

Although I like the simple stuff, a girl has got to have some treats, so another Creed perfume for my collection was truly appreciated.


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Show You Care

This week is Carers Week, so we are celebrating all those heroes who care for a friend or loved one every day. Carers needed to be recognised before the pandemic, but even more so this year.

As a social worker and someone who has had to care for a loved one, I’ve seen first-hand just how hard it can be. From making life-changing decisions to dealing with tiredness and feeling as though you’ve done everything in your power to give somebody dignity and choice in their life, caring comes with a barrel of emotions on a daily basis.

It’s something that should never be taken lightly and we must show appreciation for the sacrifice, love and dedication of these angels in our community.

That's Tum Gesture, Kate

Last week, it was revealed Kate Winslet insisted shots of her “bulgy bit of belly” be kept in during a sex scene in her TV show Mare Of Easttown. You go, Kate!

Every woman’s body is different and so many feel like they don’t see themselves represented on screen. The unrealistic depiction of women doesn’t shock us any more, but we can find real women to be inspired by elsewhere, like on social media.

Still, it’s great that Kate recognises this and uses her platform to show more “real” bodies. If only we saw that more often.

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