Josh Gad, right, as Le Fou in Beauty and the Beast…

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You kill her for killing youHey, do you think this character is going to be gay. Youve been killing my characters ever since I killed yours. Look, Im sorry Ive been killing your characters. You want to stop killing my characters, you can stop killing my characters. Okay, well whats going to happen after the credits. Well, Im here to change that, he says. If I said no, whos going to keep track. Now take your clothes off, and put on this robe. Now, go to where the dead body of this poor girl is, and start cutting her up. So if you change your mind about killing my characters, you dont have to. I just want you to kill this girl for me. Then well talk about the way my characters are going to be portrayed. Okay, look, youre taking a bath and you dont have to do this or get naked. But I need to ask you one last thing. Do you like my character, Josh Gad. It just came to my attention that you have a crush on Josh Gad, Mikey says with a laugh. It was funny at first, but now its gotten old, and if we keep doing these interviews, Im not sure how much longer this hobby is going to last. Okay, now thats out the way, its time for me to get ready, you say. Well, you know where your room is, Mikey says, leading you to the bathroom.

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