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He also explained why there, is a, mixed in, gay, culture. I have heard though of what happened, to Josh When He was 14. Josh Gad Talks About His New Film FrozenDirected by Mark RylanceStarring Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Lee Pace, Idina Menzel and Kristofferson, as the Beast, Opens July 3. There is nothing wrong with seeing movies about people of different backgrounds. Josh Gads latest film, Frozen, is one of many that do that. It takes a Disney movie that many thought was offensive, and it adds elements of love, family, tolerance and celebrating diversity. Josh Gad isnt afraid to tell his side of the story, or at least it seems that way The truth is, Josh, just like most people, has been surprised by some of the things in his life. The first time he saw Beauty and the Beast, he said, I grew up surrounded by it, and I thought this was a fairy tale about a mermaid. Josh Gad also thinks, I really cant imagine there wouldnt be a place for diversity in Disney, but it just felt like, sometimes it was there and sometimes it wasnt. I was surprised that there were so many scenes that were in the book that werent in the movie. I know the movie had its own unique vision and it had its own vision for it, but I was surprised about some of the things.

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