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Arya Mitchell ist ein Hipster – Bilder. Liz Lemons ist ein Hipster – Bilder. I mean, I guess theres a few, but theyre mostly obscure. I suppose theyre probably better than the average person, thats for sure. You: You got an appointment at the local police station. You: Okay, when do you need to be there. Its about an hour after the next one starts anyway. Sigh, You: Okay, well I guess youll know sooner than later. You hang up, and you have an hour to kill. You go to your apartment and put the phone away in your pocket. Finally you grab your keys and head out the front door and down to where its usually empty. Its really empty when you get there, and the street has no one around. John: I mean its obvious to anyone but me. Hes hanging around the asshole of this town and I can tell hes got a thing for that blonde bitch in her 30s who hangs out at the bar that serves as the front desk for the most part. Plus you know how those two like to hang out when they see each other, so hes either got a crush on her or hes just being a creep. You let John go on his merry wayYou: Wait a minute. I dont think Id want to talk to a loser like you. You: No way, I have a life that I have to get back to one way or another. Im not gonna let someone like that tell me I dont belong here. But I better not get in your way. I gotta get out of this town and get myself out of the way. You leave John on his way, but you catch up to him a little bit later. He takes a deep breath and follows you.

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