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Ariana Grande and John Legend covered Beauty and the Beast for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Feb. Getty Images, Thats so sad, right. Grande asked before showing up at her friends apartment with a cup of tea, telling her not to worry. Im just, like, having dinner with my friend and I need to take a bath. Oh, Im sorry, Grande responded, and left the room to make the bath, according to the video. Thats okay, the friend said, as Grande returned. I was just, like, putting the little baby in his crib, Grande said, laughing nervously. She looked at the mirror, said, Oh, its just I think I need to look at myself a little bit, and then began looking at herself. Yeah, its like, so strange, the friend responded. And then all I see is a lot of hair oh my God. Grande asked, turning her face away, smiling. A new study has found that a substantial proportion of people who are not on social assistance have access to a bank account. In a report on the countrys finances to be released Tuesday, the federal government said about 15 percent of Canadians had an account. There is no question Canadians have bank accounts, Stephen Gordon, the federal governments chief actuary, told CTVs Question Period in an interview. However, he noted that because of the growing size of the economy, the number of people on social assistance has grown significantly and they probably have better access to a high-yield account than the general population. Bank accounts provide some benefits such as lower fees and interest rates. They can also allow people to send and receive payments without having to talk to human services representatives. In addition, a bank account does allow the use of a credit card. The government says those who have a bank account or do not have one can see how much they have saved by visiting the Personal Finance Canada website at www. In their first eight playoff games, the Penguins went 3-2-1, scored at least two goals in seven of those eight.

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