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You smile to yourself, Good, now its all done, now I can really get to that place where its just me and my thoughts for any real rest. You slowly open your eyes and grab your phone from where you were propping it up to check the time, its still morning after all. And then, you see it: a new message. One from John, you open it up, Well, at least its something. You put your phone away and head downstairs to grab your bag to head out. Finally settling down to get to work, youre greeted by the sound of your door being opened, by a figure that catches your eye. Its a woman with dark, curly hair, wearing a long, flowing dress and with makeup and clothing that would fit in better at a ball. She has a smile on her face which is bright enough to cause you to immediately cringe. She speaks as she walks in, a bit of makeup on her face, and a bit of loose jewelry on her. Youre not sure if this is how you pictured her, but you make no moves to speak to her and instead continue grabbing your bag. After grabbing your bags, she smiles at you and continues, Oh, Im sorry, I just couldnt wait to tell you Im heading out, Ive never seen you before, so here I come. You feel a bit awkward, but you return the hug, before she starts speaking, Im so happy youre here, even if I do have to lie to you. You can sense someone watching you from behind and a bit of uneasiness begins to spread as the two of you hug. I cant wait to see it all, and I want you to come and see it with me. Now that shes mentioned it, you feel like something isnt right, but youre too tired to turn around and do anything about it. I cant wait to see everything first hand, youre going to have to get up at some point to see the sights, so its the least I can do to see you off with me. She then says with a huge smile on her face. I thought you said you havent seen.

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