Joey Chestnut Devours 12-Pound Walking Taco In 38 Minutes!

How does Joey Chestnut celebrate National Taco Day??

By crushing a MASSIVE, 12-pound walking taco in 38 minutes!!!

(IMPORTANT STORY NOTE —  a “walking taco” is essentially a bunch of taco ingredients stuffed inside of a chip bag. Good stuff)

The food G.O.A.T. would have been competing in the annual Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship on Sunday if it weren’t for COVID-19 … but NOTHING can stop this dude from eating insane amounts of tacos on the food holiday.

So, Jaws took matters into his own hands and made a humongous walking taco in the comfort of his own kitchen … and the list of ingredients is wild.

— 2 pounds of chips
— 3 pounds of ground beef
— 2+ pounds of cheese
— 1+ pound of salsa
— 6+ avocados
— onions and sour cream
— Joey’s signature green hatch and jalapeno sauce

Now, no meal is too big for Chestnut … and the guy was even ENJOYING eating the giant concoction while only needing 38 minutes and some change to finish it.

FYI — Joey guzzled 82 street-style carnitas tacos in 8 minutes to win last year’s eating competition in Santa Monica … but at least he was able to take his time this year.

As for how the dude celebrated the feat??

“… a beer, belly rub and nap.”

This dude’s poor toilet …

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