Joe Jonas Reveals His Real Thoughts on Kevins Married to Jonas Reality Show

Joe Jonas is opening up about his brother Kevin‘s former reality show.

The eldest Jonas Brother and his wife Danielle starred in the E! series Married to Jonas, and their siblings were all featured on it at some point, including Joe and Nick.

During a recent interview, Joe was asked about the show…

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During a recent Vanity Fair lie detector test video, Joe was being asked about the Kardashians, and if he had watched their new Hulu series. He was then asked if he watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!, followed by “Was it better than Kevin‘s E! show?”

He replied, “Oh yeah.” When it was revealed he was telling the truth, he said, “Sorry Kev.”

Joe was then asked if he watched it and if he liked it.

“No. I watched like an episode,” he shared. “Yeah, no, didn’t really love it.”

Joe did appear in a handful of episodes of the show.

Also during the interview, Joe revealed he thinks Franklin is the best looking brother, which came up “inconclusive,” if he’s still angry with Diplo for live streaming his Vegas wedding, and how he feels about his Disney Channel series JONAS. Check it out!

If you missed it, Kevin and Franklin are hosting an upcoming new reality series called “Claim to Fame” – Get the scoop!

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