Jodie Turner-Smith Talks About Raising a Newborn Baby During the Pandemic

Jodie Turner-Smith is opening up about being a new mom in the middle of the pandemic.

The 34-year-old Queen & Slim actress is on the digital cover of Elle‘s February 2021 issue and she had a lot to talk about.

“Navigating parenthood at any time is difficult and it’s even more difficult without support, when everything is shut down and you can’t really see other people or go anywhere,” Jodie said about giving birth to her daughter during the pandemic year.

Jodie and her husband Joshua Jackson welcomed their daughter back in April 2020 and her name was revealed a few months ago.

In the interview, Jodie did note that she has it better than moms of toddlers and school-age children right now. She said, “I’m not having to sit on Zoom with her and suddenly become her educator as well as her caretaker.”

It was recently announced that Jodie will be playing the role of Anne Boleyn in an upcoming three-part drama series. While talking about the show, she said, “We can only infer who she was, because she left no paper trail that would hint at her imagination. She’s endlessly fascinating for that reason.”

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