Jodie Turner-Smith Shaved Off Her Eyebrows! LOOK!


Jodie Turner-Smith is back on Instagram with another jaw-dropping upload, but for a very different reason this time! Just days after sharing some NSFW photos with hunky hubby Joshua Jackson, the Queen & Slim star took to the ‘gram to reveal she has shaved off her eyebrows!!

Without giving fans any reasoning, the British actress posted a video of herself in her IG Story on Wednesday as her left brow was whittled away by a woman with a razor. OMG!

She captioned the clip:

“bye bye brows”

Is it just a bold AF beauty trend she’s trying out?! Prooooobably not. It appears the 35-year-old is in a trailer on a film set, so we’re guessing this is to play a character known as the “Dragon Queen” in the upcoming crime show Bad Monkey.

Ch-ch-check out the first look at Jodie with just one eyebrow (below)!


She’s yet to post an update, but we can’t wait to see what she looks like without both of her brows. She feels like one of the few people who could pull off that dramatic look!

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Give us your hot take (below)!

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