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Date: 1st of August 2013 02:30:48 0000From: Kelly S. Subject: Re: Im a celebrity born in the year of the monkey in 1933 From: Kelly S. It is funny that you say that, because I was the same age in 1933 as Joan Rivers. We were both 13 and in a group of our peers. As I recall, this was the era of the silent movie so it was a bit strange to the other boys and girls around us. However, we were all pretty much the same age and liked the same movies, music, and all kinds of other stuff, Im still a fan of the song Boom Boom Pow written for the movie The Wizard of Oz by Oscar Hammerstein II From: Kelly S. I have no idea if you even knew that Joan Rivers was born in 1933, but to me at least it was nice to hear about someone with a similar birthday to myself. In fact, I still have a bunch of stuff from Joan, including a picture and a list of movie she liked. Subject: Re: a bunch of stuff and more The next email, you receive was from a guy named William. He was born in 1933, but apparently he was born a year before me just to mess with me. Subject: Re: a bunch of stuff and more It is good to hear that you are not just a normal guy, but like to think of yourself as a guy who has a thing for pop culture. I know one who was born in the same year as I was and he thought as much and got on me about it all the time. He said he was just a normal guy who just liked pop culture. I have a couple of albums of Popcorn Records that were made in the same year as my dads wedding, so I think I may have something there. I dont think they are the same era as the Popcorn movies either, but they are pretty good. Subject: Re: a bunch of stuff and more Wow, I can tell you from experience that a guy who thinks he is just a normal guy, is likely a bit of a joke. Subject: Re: a bunch of stuff and more Well. I guess it wasnt really a joke, it is nice to know that I am not just some average guy, but like a guy who loves pop culture as much as I do.

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