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I know all this stuff about how to use it in a good way and stuff like that. You try it and you dont like itThe only good thing about not having a girlfriend in college is I wasnt stupid enough to buy it. You take a quick walk around your old neighborhood and you notice the few businesses still open; youre going to have to find out where the new neighborhood is. You find a movie theater that is open that looks like it might be where the new neighborhood is, though its showing a movie about a group of teenagers that all died in a car crash. You wonder if you should check out one of those Craigslist ads for an apartment or something to be near the freeway, but you realize you have no money so that seems unlikely. A man sits with his daughter who isnt even a teenager and as you sit down he asks, What are you doing here. Youre supposed to be working on your degree and not wasting time. Im not, I just wanted to be near the highway. So where did you come from, Ive never seen you before and I dont work here. You cant be serious, thats not how it works. Id have thought you had a roommate or at least some friends close by. Because I didnt want to worry them, theres no way theyre going to be my friends. Shes always worried about you and would have been pissed if you hadnt gotten a job as soon as possible. Isnt it too late for your mother to come visit and get you help. I would have been here anyway, if Id waited.

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