Jill Tavelman, who is from Los Angeles, California, was …

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You say as you pull out your phone and begin to frantically search through the news articles about this attack. The attack itself is the first thing you see on your news feed. In light of recent international terrorism incidents, the National Security Council has authorized the immediate suspension of nonimmigrant visa services at its U. Diplomatic facilities in an effort to protect the safety of American citizens. Consular services will be temporarily suspended at the following U. Embassies and consulates located in affected countries: China, Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, Venezuela. There is also an announcement that all foreign nationals currently in the United States for tourism, business or any other nonimmigrant purpose are not eligible to re-enter the United States until further notice. Re really in need of a vacation right now. Well at least until you get to Toronto. S just too damn early to be taking vacations. You say as you notice that Toronto is on the news. Re pretty sure you saw it on the news. You just think about how you might be able to spend time with your lovely wife again. Ve been driving all over the place. In fact you just made you way through to Quebec before you finally get tired and stop for the night at a gas station. Ve been driving along a major highway in the very heart of Canada. While this is kind of exciting, it also brings back some terrible memories. You remember the night where you almost got lost on the highway trying to get home from a rave in California. You remember the night you almost got killed in a car accident in.

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