Jill Duggar: I’m Not Ready to Talk About Josh Being Arrested

Disgraced reality star Josh Duggar was arrested and is currently behind bars where he belongs.

His parents, unable to cover up his crimes this time, have released a shaky public statement.

But Jill, though one of Josh’s sisters and earlier victims, is no longer a direct member of the cult.

That means that she is free to respond to this news in her own way.

Josh has been arrested and indicted for receiving child pornography.

According to authorities, he downloaded material depicting the sexual abuse of children under the age of 12.

Josh is accused of having done so in May of 2019.

He was arrested on Thursday, April 29, and appeared in court on Friday, April 30, via video conference.

There, he entered a plea of no guilty on the charges of receiving and possessing child porn.

Each charge could carry a prison sentence of 20 years and a potential fine of $250,000 if he is convicted.

As we mentioned, Josh is still behind bars, where millions hope that he will spend the rest of his miserable life.

However, he will have a detention hearing on May 5

The actual trial is currently scheduled for July 6.

Jim Bob and Michelle would have, fans are sure, liked to have covered up their son’s crimes.

That is, after all, what they did after they discovered that he was molesting little girls as a teen.

Instead of reporting him to authorities back then, they hid what happened.

This time, not even Jim Bob’s wealth or the solidarity of their extremist cult could cover for Josh.

They also could not keep news of this arrest a secret.

So, the Duggars did the only thing that they could — releasing an official statement.

Jim Bob and Michelle released a statement after Josh’s charges were made public.

“We appreciate your continued prayers for our family at this time,” Josh’s parents began.

Even they acknowledged: “The accusations brought against Joshua today are very serious.”

“It is our prayer that the truth, no matter what it is, will come to light,” Jim Bob and Michelle claimed.

“And,” they continued, “that this will all be resolved in a timely manner.”

Their statement concluded: “We love Josh and Anna and continue to pray for their family.”

Josh’s arrest and these heinous charges come just days after Anna Duggar’s pregnancy announcement.

She shared that she is preparing to bring yet another innocent little girl into the world.

Obviously, that announcement has since been overshadowed.

We would never wish growing up in a Duggar household on anyone.

But fans were already nauseated at the news of Josh getting another daughter.

Our society does so little to protect children. The Duggars are living proof of that.

Jill Duggar is one of the survivors of Josh’s previous sex crimes.

As a teenager, he molested multiple extremely young girls, including several of his own sisters.

Jill has, as an adult, been to therapy to process the many wrongs that happened during her childhood.

But time and therapy are not an antidote for trauma.

Childhood trauma in particular is often with people for life.

What makes things easier with time, for many, is simply that they are better able to cope with what happened.

Jill and her sisters are probably experiencing a lot of complicated, painful feelings at the moment.

However, Jill’s siblings are considerably closer to Jim Bob and his edicts.

But Jill and Derick aren’t quite part of the cult anymore … meaning that Jill could potentially make a statement.

After all, Derick has been speaking out plenty, at times directly calling out Jim Bob.

Derick may not be what we’d ever call a “good person,” but it has been nice to hear him accurately describe his father-in-law.

And that means that Jill is free to address her brother’s arrest without letting her parents do all of the talking.

However, being able to and being ready to make a statement are very different things.

So we keep that in mind as we show everyone the only thing that Jill has really had to say since Josh’s arrest.

Because her post … is about what pants she’s wearing.

Jill took to Instagram to show off a few pairs of shorts that stop above the knee.

It was a sponsored post, advertising clothes that violate the strict rules with which she was raised.

Having married Derick, she is no longer held to Jim Bob’s clothing standards and can dress like a normal human.

Obviously, some fans are clearly disappointed that Jill is talking about clotnes at a time like this.

But let’s remember that not all survivors are prepared to talk, even indirectly, about their trauma.

Asking Jill to speak out against her brother and risk incurring her family’s further wrath may be unfair at this point.

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