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You continue onThe drive is not going to go as you planned. With each passing hour, the road becomes more and more desolate as you travel down dirt roads that are not maintained, and there is not even a farmhouse to be seen. With no one around to give you directions, you just drive on in the general direction of Houston. You see a house on the left side of the road. The highway splits into two roads, one going towards Houston, and another toward Dallas. You continue on for the next five to ten miles. At one point, you see two people in a large, old Ford. The person on the left seems to be a man, the person on the right appears to be a woman. Hey, whatre you doing down there. Im on my way to Houston, you reply. I was driving down to see my wifes beauty supply. I stopped to talk to you, too, so you can come with us. You do not have much choice in this matter, so you follow the men into the beauty supply store that appears to be shuttered up. Inside, the womans beauty supplies are more extensive, and there is a wide variety of makeup and beauty products. You also see some lingerie, but that does not interest you. The men explain to you that they are not going to Houston. They say theyre going to Dallas anyway and that you can come with them, but that they were told you could stay here and theyd be here whenever you were ready to leave. The men tell you they have to go now and they suggest you could stay and wait, if you so desired. You let the pair of men goYou do not have a choice in this matter. The pair of men go back to their car and drive off down the road. You wait about five minutes, then you drive back to the beauty supply store, where you wait patiently. When the men finally re-emerge, they give you each a large plastic bag. You wait for the menYou wait patiently for the men, but they do not come back. Eventually the silence is broken by the sounds of the highway and the sounds of traffic. You wait another hour before you head off on your own route. When you get back to the beauty supplies store, you walk inside and find the man with whom you were talking in the back room getting a bag of supplies.

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