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You go online to read up on all the candidates. You try to watch as much news about the elections and debate as you can. T really want to do housework either. D rather just live her own life and not have to constantly worry about a guy who barely knows her. S just generally being a little quiet these days. Of course as a single parent of a younger brother the most important thing is your own safety and that of the children, so you think the best way to do that is to get a nanny. T really had to worry about getting a job in a long time, and now that everything is settled you could really use one. T just go to Craigslist and get one. Ve tried calling around, and even e-mailing the last person you spoke to. T seem to get anyone interested in paying you for a babysitter. Ve been more successful getting babysitters from Craigslist. Re walking down the street you hear a familiar voice and turn your head causing the light of the streetlamp to fall upon your face.

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