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Do you see the words do you see the words on the screen. M so fucking lonely without any friends, now all of a sudden someone wants to be my friend. Ve been stuck in a fucking hole all my life. S ever been there for me is a lonely old man who likes writing poetry and talking about himself and never says anything except love and not much else.

This is the ultimate way to chat sporadically while waiting at the bustrainsubway stop. Well, dont let the title fool you, this is a pretty serious thing youre doing. Lets just say your goal is not just to be popular, but to achieve social status to the level of an A-list celebrity. To accomplish this goal, youre going to be using the hashtag snoopdogg to tag in pictures of celebrities and other famous people. After all, if you cant outrun them, how are you going to outrun the law. You tag Jennifer GarnerOh Jennifer, youre the greatest. Youre going to be living the rest of your life with no regrets. We can be like you and be famous for life. So you need to become like her and live a life of luxury on the backs of the poor, the powerless and the helpless. She cant afford to live in luxury without your help. The world is going to shit on fire and I need to get ahead of it. I need to be there to soak up all the glory and pain when alls said and done. Hmm, I dont know who that would be, but theres got to be one right. That is one of the most annoying things you have EVER heard. Why dont you go play with your friends in the yard. Maybe you just heard me for the first time. What kind of asshole are you if you dont want to play. I dont care what you think, because if you dont like it, you can go play with your friends. Fine, I dont care what you think, Im going.

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