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The idea is weird to you and you get the impression that you are being questioned by someone you dont really know. You sit silent for a moment longer in order to think things over, and then you say:The old man who lives in the village I come from was an old man who kept in constant pain. His body was frail and his hands and feet were weak, but he never complained. He told us all how he once met a beautiful woman and how he fell in love with her. Every night he would beat her until he was black and blue, but she always ended it by crawling in a dark hole under the village and crying. The beauty has no fear of pain, he would say to us all. We always believed him, but then later one night he fell in love with a beautiful woman. She was so pure she couldnt even get herself pregnant. But one night she beat him so badly that he couldnt walk, let alone get up off his bed. After she saw his condition, she did not make any more visits to his house. The beauty loved him dearly and could not bear that she had allowed herself to fall in love with a sick man. She took him and made him invisible and took the pain away from him. As he lay in his bed, the pain became as nothing and he fell into a peaceful slumber. We all cried as we watched his body decay into dust, but we knew that he would not be forgotten. We prayed for his eternal peace, but he was never brought back to his house. You head to the riverbank and start to walk, but you slowly get scared when you see how empty it is. You then notice that the river itself doesnt look the same either. You then start to think about the old man who lives in the village you come from. He said that the beauty has no fear of pain, but his body looked like it was on the verge of a heart attack most of the time. How can you be so lucky when all your fellow countrymen are suffering the same fate, who are having their lives ruined because of the evil that is being spread all over the world. You just have to keep walking to keep from getting run over by those dirty foreigners. The next morning you take a deep breath and step into the river. The fresh air fills your lungs and your ears perk up. The noise level in the village is lower and the few remaining villagers dont try to talk to you like they used to. The young and strong have lost their desire to kill and the old people are.

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