James Middleton reflects on difficult January after clinical depression battle

James Middleton opened up about going through a “difficult” January on social media in a candid post in which he reflected on his battle with mental health.

The 34 year old was diagnosed with clinical depression over three years ago and explained on Instagram on Tuesday that he always finds the first month of the year particularly “difficult” to deal with.

Posting a photo of himself in khaki green outerwear stood beside his four dogs in the countryside, James wrote: “My thoughts on January…I’ve always found January a very difficult month, especially when I was suffering with clinical depression.

“When everyone is setting new goals, laying down new ground rules and striving to become a better version of themselves, while some of us are just about surviving…”

While the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge has moved on from his worst days with clinical depression, he admitted that this January has still been a struggle for him mentally.

James showed that he was determined to tackle his difficult days later on in the caption though, sharing tips to help sustain a positive mood.

“I have, however, set myself a new mantra which was inspired by my dogs,” the entrepreneur wrote.

“Don’t spend every moment thinking of the one to come, or ones in the past. The past is imperfect, the future will be too, but now – we can do something about that.

“So right now… I’m going to take the dogs for a long walk hand in hand with my Wife.”

James' wife, Alizee Thevenet, could be seen in the second photo, looking proudly up at her husband as he captured them together in the photo taken outside.

A third snap the businessman uploaded showed Alizee in turn standing next to the couple’s assembly of dogs, dressed in a short anorak and a pair of cargo trousers, appearing ready to start their walk.

James’ vulnerable post comes months after he discussed how retreating back to nature helped him with his recovery from clinical depression.

Last May, he marked 1,255 days since being diagnosed with a poignant post on Instagram, in which he reflected on how he was able to come to terms with and improve his depression thanks to being in natural surroundings.

James spoke back then of how walking his dogs had helped better his mental condition and attributed nature for “playing an unknowing part of my recovery.”

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