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M talking about an exotic species of insect with a very distinctive color pattern, the size of a postage stamp. T just tell us, show us. We need to know more about these things. S go see them, says John. How about you show us what your shrimp knows, says John the stonemason. Fine, you say, and you open your palm, which starts to bubble. This is your brain, and in the center of this bubble is the brain of a shrimp, you say. In order to see the mantis shrimps brain, you have to be careful not to smash the bubble completely. The shrimp can see you if you shoo it away, but I think you can see them. Now, do you want to hear what I have to say. The thing is, when we are in the ocean, we dont really see anyone. S not like we have sight, or anything like that. What the mantis shrimp is is a predator that feeds on mantis shrimps. It has a sort of echolocation, or sonar, sense to tell if something is even nearby.

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