It was beauty killed the beast

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This is the first time you have been back in this town in a long time, and you are a little nervous. You enter the bar and place your bag down on the bar to get a better sense of the locales. It is not too big, but the bartender seems to know he knows everything. You order a beer and wait for the bartender to make himself at home until you get the beer you ordered to start talking to him. You ask while you are sipping your beer. The bartender smiles at you and goes on to tell you what is happening in town and how odd it is that you are now back in the small town after all these years. He tells you that he is from a town by the name of New Jersey now, but moved to this town, which is also called New Jersey. He says that there are rumors that a new group of people is heading here that is more dangerous. The bartender gives you this answer and just like that, you find yourself talking to this stranger. Well, just go to the nearest gas station and ask them how to get to New Jersey and they will have you there in no time. You look at the bartender and then you at the road. If you really have gone to New Jersey, would you mind telling me where youre going. You ask with more than enough skepticism to be in this situation. It looks like you may be having some kind of breakdown. The bartender seems a little surprised by your response. Oh well, dont take this the wrong way, but I had been living in New Jersey for a few years and was about to move to Tennessee and started to feel a little restless about the fact that I wasnt seeing my young daughter much and it wasnt a good environment for her anymore. She told me that I had to come back to her in one piece so that she could be there to help me when I got back to the town. The bartender is a bit taken aback by your answer and looks down. Im so sorry sir; Im just lost right now in thought.

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