It seems like every time we turn around, theres …

This article about Celebrities part of the illuminati

However, the one who had always stood closest to you in everyway, was the one who now stood furthest away. You asked as you walked through the city. M not going to try to destroy shit to stop it. M going to stay here and try to make more friends. Re not going to try to do anything. Re ever going to like me very much.

S not actually telling you the truth. D like to know, answers that you need to find yourself, not the least of which is who exactly is running this whole thing. I was never that important of a person they needed to spy on to keep in line. Ve already had a hell of a time finding me. As it turned out you died a lot sooner. Ve got to take you for a goddamn moron right now. S never really had any close relationships. Re not some boring old woman.

Article about Celebrities part of the illuminati