It seems like every time we turn around, theres another celeb making …

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I can guess all of them were involved in drug trafficking. Do you need me to call the police on them. You hang up, then proceed with your plan. The next day you meet with the guy and you make sure to start with very little niceties. Re thinking about switching careers from the one you originally planned in which case you need people to help you, and you know all the best people and they should be your first point of contact if you do that. Great, so now your going to help me in my scheme. Re gonna get out of here pretty quick. Besides if you are, well the best place to find a couple of the best people with those tastes in music would be here at the club. Plus you can also pick up some new tunes. Ve saved us both a lot of hassle. Aw come on, the scheme is only halfway done and I still have to be sure about this. The guy just gives you a look like he knows just what to do in this situation. T going to be fine, because if you think your friend is going to be any more suspicious just wait until he gets to the club. Ve seen how it works out in my own life. Guess we better get to the next step then. You and the guy go to another room to finish up some last minutes things. Okay, so I think I got a good idea on who they are. Re probably the two best people for this job. Well you got one thing wrong.

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