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You: So firstly, before I start Id like to say that I am not a health freak, but I do have a lot of time on my hands and as such I was reading a lot of books like The Food Renegade by Dave Asprey and I saw his video lecture on how to burn fat. I was kind of disappointed I didnt read this a lot earlier, because I felt Id like how he described his fat burning process really well. Anyway after my personal fat burning tips I got excited and immediately bought a book: Secret Weapons: The Best Health Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Technologies That Will Transform Your Body to Get Thin Fast and Lose Weight naturally. You: So after reading these books I thought that, since I was a bit worried that I was going to lose weight quickly with the books fat burning tips, I should also invest in a home scale to make sure I am not losing too much weight too fast. You: But since you bought the book after all, I cant really give a recommendation for or against buying or not buying a home scale. But then I read about the scales that you can find on Amazon and I just couldnt ignore them. You might get the feeling that this is really personal, but I think it was better if you didnt know me really well and my personal choice came from my own experiences and knowledge, and from what I could guess from online reviews. Also, while you might be a bit worried that your weight is going up rather rapidly, I would like you to remember that in general your weight hasnt changed in the last few months. You havent really been trying to diet at all, because your weight was actually going up before. However, when I was on vacation in October I didnt really go on that many trips and I didnt have that much to do in my life, so I think this is why my weight wasnt really falling down at all during this time. I think its also why I only had a total of 10 pounds of fat mass, instead of the usual 15-20 pounds. I think if I was really stressed out about my weight, I couldve eaten a lot to try to lose weight, but I didnt really do that. Thats why while my weight was going up, it wasnt really a problem for me right now, because Im able to do a lot of things and I have enough time that I actually enjoy living. Plus, whats more important than my weight right now, is health. Because if I keep losing weight, Im going to eventually get sick. You: So then what do you recommend doing if you want to lose weight fast without stressing out about it. I didnt want to stress you out, since its not easy to lose weight, but I did want to help you.

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