Is Katie Holmes Having Trouble With Her Boyfriend?

Could there be trouble on the horizon for actor Katie Holmes and her chef boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo?

As reported by Us Weekly, the pair first sparked relationship rumors in September 2020 when they were photographed locking lips. A source at the time revealed that Holmes was “on cloud nine” with her new beau, adding that “she feels so blessed to be with a centered, down-to-earth, kindhearted companion who isn’t affected by the fame and puts happiness and traditional values first.” They also dished that Vitolo “treats her like a total princess.” Well… if the shoe fits, right?!

Alas, it wouldn’t be true love if there weren’t a few obstacles in the way — namely Holmes’ family and friends who had a bit of trepidation about the whirlwind courtship. Lucky for Vitolo, it appeared Holmes had resolved to let the warnings go in one ear and out the other. “She doesn’t care what people may say about rushing into the romance,” the source said. “In her mind, this is the real deal, they’re riding a beautiful wave together and she’s already decided it’s got the potential to go all the way.”

But now it appears that there may be a bit of trouble in paradise. Keep reading after the jump to learn the latest gossip about the lovebirds!

Katie Holmes reportedly wants to slow down the relationship

As reported by In Touch Weekly on April 21, a source has come forward claiming that Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo’s relationship is “on the rocks.” But why? According to the unnamed insider, Holmes is simply too busy for the high-profile New York City chef. “Katie is focusing on upcoming projects and she doesn’t have time to see Emilio around the clock,” the source divulged.

Photos have recently surfaced of Holmes out and about in the city sans Vitolo, only sparking suspicions even further that there is indeed trouble in paradise. The source, however, says that the love they have for one another is still there but Holmes wants to slow things down. “She feels that their relationship is moving too fast. He really wants to make things work so is giving her some space,” the source disclosed.

Maybe Holmes has finally taken the advice of her close confidantes to heart after all. Whether or not this is a real deal breakup or simply a hiccup in the road remains to be seen. 

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